New Patients

How to Register

Please read through this folder which explains our beliefs and how this practice works. This is our mission statement and forms the basis of the care & service we aim to provide to patients registered with this practice.

If you agree & wish to join please fully complete the Self Registration Form providing all details requested in that form. Delay or inability to provide all details requested in that form will cause unnecessary delay with your registration. Please help us to help you.

Certain specific information regarding children’s immunisation dates is required for registration. This should be readily obtainable from the parent held child development record book.

The result & dates of a woman’s last cervical smear should also be provided. A copy of the last result may be obtained from the previous GP – it is your right to have this information.

This practice offers a ‘catch-up’ service to help complete the missed immunisation doses for children and cervical smear for women (where overdue). This service is available whilst waiting for the registration process to be completed & we encourage those waiting to join the practice to avail of the facility.

In a few days a decision regarding your acceptance will be made and the receptionist will advise as to when you should call back to enquire.

This practice does not discriminate in any form against any application to join. However, it is sometimes necessary to refuse a request to join. The practice will give you a written explanation giving reason for refusing to accept your request to join.

If urgent medical attention is required whilst your application to join is pending the practice is able to provide ‘Immediate & Necessary’ medical treatment whenever necessary.

If after reading the whole of the information provided you feel happy to proceed please complete the request to register form with the required information.

If you disagree with our objectives & stated policies, you may feel this is not the practice for you & your family.