Immunisation Policy

We are deeply committed to keeping children well & healthy by preventing childhood illnesses. It is therefore the policy of this practice to immunise all registered children without any exception. Children registered with this practice will be expected to have the following immunisations.

Given aged 2 months – 3 separate injections are given
DTP/IPV/HiB (5 in 1 injection) – 1st Dose
Pneumoccal Conjugate Vaccine – (Prevenar) – 1st Dose
MenB- 1st Dose ,Rotavirus – 1st Dose (By mouth),

Given aged 3 months – 1 injections is  given
DTaP/IPV/HiB (5 in 1 injection) – 2nd Dose
Rotavirus – 2nd Dose (By mouth)

Given aged 4 months – 3 separate injections are given
DTaP/IPV/HiB (5 in 1 injection) – 3rd Dose
Pneumococcal Conjugate Vaccine – (Prevenar) – 2nd Dose
MenB- 2nd Dose

Given at 12-13 months – 4 injections are given
HiB/Men C
MMR – 1st Dose
Pneumococcal (Prevenar) – 3rd Dose
MenB- 3rd Dose

Preschool booster injections – Full course given between 3 years 4 months old or soon after
MMR – 2nd dose

This Practice will accept written advice from a paediatrician (child specialist) not to immunise a child for any specific medical reason but will not accept other reasons for refusing immunisation. Parents who disagree with our immunisation policy may prefer not to register with this practice. Children’s immunisation is not simply a matter of ‘Parental Choice’ but very much more importantly, it is considering the health & well being of the child first & foremost. There is nothing better than preventing illness & we are deeply committed to our policy of prevention.